SharePoint Cloud vs On Premise – Find the Best Fit For Your Business

by ITCube Team | 22 FEBRUARY 2022 | SHAREPOINT
SharePoint is a new-age business tool majorly used for electronic document management, content management, messaging, and the capability for managing business statistics. A centralized and secure platform increases efficiency, promotes group collaboration, and streamlines data management. When it comes to...

SharePoint As A Front-End For Business Intelligence

by ITCube Team | 13 JANUARY 2022 | SHAREPOINT
Business managers and owners use the Business Intelligence dashboard to make better-informed business decisions. Decision-making accuracy can help a business to make swift progress. For better decision-making, business owners use various Business Intelligence services. Some businesses develop their customized business...

What Makes SharePoint Apt For An Enterprise Content Management System?

by ITCube Team | 28 SEPTEMBER 2021 | SHAREPOINT
When we talk about the data and information, you actually mean videos, pictures, documents, emails, etc. Every sector follows the trend of paperless, but people are unaware of its pros and cons. Creating, sorting, arranging, and managing paperless data is...

Powerful SharePoint Solutions That Empower Your Sales And Marketing Teams

by ITCube Team | 17 AUGUST 2021 | SHAREPOINT
As the lines between sales and marketing continue to blur, businesses need more than ever to be sure that their sales and marketing teams are on the same page. With SharePoint, you can create separate sites where your marketing team...

What’s New In SharePoint Server 2019 ?

by ITCube Team | 22 JANUARY 2019 | SHAREPOINT
Key points in implementation of SharePoint 2019 Background In this blog post I will be covering all the key features, new additions, deprecations and removal of old features in SharePoint 2019. In short this blog will give you a nice...

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