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Promoting A Hassle-Free User Experience

User-centered design is much more than just beautiful visuals. In addition to looking good, any software must also be functional, easy-to-use, self-explanatory & intuitive. Our design services revolve around the user’s needs, and how our designs can make their life easier.

By leveraging our proprietary framework “ITCubeEdge” ITCube has empowered clients and partners by virtue of a comprehensive UX strategy weaved by adapting modern design principles. The question we ask at every step is ‘what are the gaps our design is addressing for the user?’, as we believe that great UX starts from the ‘gap created by user perception’, and not the visuals or the technology.

Our UX Design Service Offering

Improving User Journey

Journey Mapping: We build a timeline that helps in visualizing the end-to-end process that a user goes through to successfully achieve a goal or the task that was intended. By presenting a timeline of all the touchpoints between the user and the product, our UX experts identify the design flaws that lead to a bad user journey.

Journey Evaluation: Understanding the touchpoints of the end-user, our UX team evaluates the current design that your enterprise product has in place. It is here that our experts will start weaving a UX design strategy that will maximize a flawless journey by eliminating the design flaws that were hindering the product experience.


User Research

Usability Testing: We help conduct deep, insightful usability testing which helps identify, learn, and fix problems in the design of a product or service. Our team is well-versed with conducting user experience research that will further legitimize the flaws that were identified in the journey mapping and evaluation process.

Domain Research: Every domain requires a unique UX strategy and a visual design that is well-equipped to satisfy different purposes. ITCube’s extensive experience of working on projects within different domains such as Manufacturing, Retail, Construction, Legal, etc. gives us an advantage in identifying pain-points of different types of users.


Revamp Legacy Systems

UX Audit: Our experts conduct UX Audit that helps highlight issues with design on a micro and macro level from a user point-of-view. This is a key part of a holistic UX strategy with our UX team conducting a critical evaluation of factors such as business objectives, conversion metrics, prototyping, and information technology architecture.

Heuristic Evaluation: An important part of our UI design services, ITCube’s usability experts conduct a deep analysis of how user-friendly a prototype, website or system is by setting predefined guidelines. We examine the interface heuristically and evaluate it with different usability principles and compliance for better understanding.

UI/UX Design: A seamless user interaction design is a key success factor of legacy ERP systems, workflows, and business applications. After identifying the hurdles of the current design, ITCube’s UX consultants put forward a comprehensive UI/UX design revamp for your legacy systems resulting in enhanced user productivity and customer satisfaction.


Product Experiences

Interaction Design: Our UI design team focuses beyond the realm of just product development to include and empathize with the end-user and its interaction with the application. We design digital products that are engaging, logical, and display successful experiences ensuring smooth user behavior and actions.

Responsive Web Design: A common hindrance to seamless user experience on products is their liability to be responsive on different platforms. By creating a fully responsive web design, we ensure the HTML/CSS designs respond to user’s actions on different screens size, platform, and orientation thereby ensuring a similar user journey.

Prototyping: A prototype is decisive in knowing how effectively a product or application works. The aim is to test the existing product before creating the final prototypes. We design and showcase visual prototypes to highlight functional aspects as well as how the end-product will look like by virtue of sketches, mockups, and wire-frame designing.

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ITCube’s UX design and strategy services are based on data-oriented research and the design solution offers our customers an important competitive advantage. The design team creates user experiences that offer a memorable user journey for business as well as customer-facing digital portals.

  • Discover - Gather crucial information and key insights about the business’ pain-points by conducting user research, interviews, and competitor analysis.
  • Define - Create wireframes, storyboards, and information architecture to validate the accuracy of the information which you have gathered.
  • Design - A important step that involves visual design conceptualization, prototyping, and creating responsive designs for different platforms.
  • Develop - Now is the time to execute the HTML and CSS development to ensure the responsive designs are pixel perfect.
  • Deploy - The final step includes user acceptance testing to confirm the developed designs are user-friendly and ready for use.

Why Choose ITCube As Your UX Design Partner?

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Experienced UI/UX Consultants

ITCube’s team of UX/UI designers has vast experience of working on designs for different industries such as Healthcare, Real Estate, Manufacturing, etc. Our goal is to create a design that satisfies the project’s needs and provides a great, hassle-free user experience. Our consultants are Human Factors International (HFI) certified and have an impressive design portfolio under their belt.

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Holistic Support

Expert designers at ITCube work as the extended arm of your development team thus offering transparency about the quality of work and progress. They realize the importance of designing an experience that adheres to the needs of the end-user as well as the client. From evaluating the user pain points in the current design to conducting usability testing, we offer a comprehensive UX design offshore support.

Our Support Team is here to discuss your requirements and provide customized solutions based on your needs.

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