The Anatomy Of Office 365 Migration

by ITCube Team | 18 APRIL 2022 | OTHER
The undeniable rise of cloud-based data management has benefitted both small and large enterprises. The 451 Research Group has recently published a report that sights more than 90% of businesses have adopted cloud computing in the last few years. According...

Advantage of Being a Microsoft Gold Partner

by ITCube Team | 24 JANUARY 2022 | OTHER
Microsoft Gold Partner is a certification program that renders Microsoft's accreditation for independent technical support businesses. Since Microsoft is a globally well-known IT company, obtaining accreditation from the company can boost the reputation of a business. Thus, many technical support...

9-step Roadmap for RPA Implementation

by ITCube Team | 23 DECEMBER 2020 | OTHER
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) requires no introduction. You are likely already aware of RPA and why it’s considered one of the most desired ‘emerging’ technologies. The benefits and business impact of automation (increased efficiency, minimalizing errors, cost savings etc.) make...

Python vs. Node.js – Which programming language should you choose?

by ITCube Team | 26 MARCH 2020 | OTHER
Being proficient in multiple coding languages is the cornerstone of every experienced developer. Every project comes with its required specifications which pushes the coder to choose a tech stack that’s best suited to the project. Today, we’re going to settle...

What Is New In Bootstrap 4?

by ITCube Team | 03 JANUARY 2020 | OTHER
BACKGROUND Bootstrap 4, the latest release of Bootstrap, is the most widely used & the popular HTML, CSS & JavaScript framework for developing responsive, mobile-first websites. It is made for projects of all sizes and can be used by all....

The Role Of The Business Analyst In IT Projects

by ITCube Team | 03 OCTOBER 2019 | OTHER
Over the years I have come across people who are performing multiple roles at once, including requirements gathering for IT projects. As part of the requirements session they take notes, but as they are rarely trained and experienced Business Analysts,...

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