Intranet Software – The Need of Employees In Pandemic with Different Ways

by ITCube Team | 26 OCTOBER 2021 | INTRANET
Every business has to face some tough times due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The internal communications software played a crucial role in helping employees to initiate working remotely. Hybrid working is gaining more popularity than ever, and it is likely...

How Can An Intranet Benefit Your Retail Business?

Retail businesses were one of the worst-hit sectors in the Covid-19 pandemic. The whole world came to a standstill, and virtually no business, sector, or industry was ready to counter the effects of the pandemic immediately. Of late, Intranet has...

How To Use An Intranet In The Healthcare Industry To Deliver Care?

by ITCube Team | 24 SEPTEMBER 2021 | INTRANET
None of the other industries stays close to the consumers than the healthcare sector. However, healthcare workers are facing numerous challenges and struggling to deliver the utmost care to the patients. How can you help your employees in delivering the...

How Can An Intranet Help Retailers With Employees, Customers, And Competition?

by ITCube Team | 17 SEPTEMBER 2021 | INTRANET
The increasing competition in the retailing industry is like a blessing and curse for the retailers. This competition is rapidly increasing because retailers are using different methods to grab the consumers’ attention. The silo effect has a strong presence in...

Intranet Solution- From Engagement To Experience

by ITCube Team | 12 AUGUST 2021 | INTRANET
Businesses of all sizes are searching for ways to increase employee engagement, a level at which employees feel connected to their job and take pride in helping their companies succeed. An intranet solution is one way to help foster these...

Ways To Project Corporate Vision Through An Intranet Portal

by ITCube Team | 29 JUNE 2021 | INTRANET
To start the redesign process, find out what you have and what tools your employees are using. Let's start with an inventory of internal systems (such as the number of existing intranets and extranets) and other tools people use, the...

How Intranet Portals Can Kick-start Digital Transformation of Your Business

by ITCube Team | 09 SEPTEMBER 2020 | INTRANET
Intranet portals are quickly gaining importance as more businesses look towards digitizing their communication and HR operations. A feature-packed portal can empower the organization’s employee in more ways than one. While streamlining the internal communication of the business is the...

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