Benefits Of Offshore Product Development

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In the current times of COVID-19, one of the few sectors that have absorbed the pandemic’s impact fairly well is the IT industry. Being early adopters of the remote working phenomenon, the domain has also seen global acceptance in-terms of offshore project management. While many companies may be accustomed to managing things in-house, especially when it comes to product development, many businesses are discovering that offshore product development (OPD) can also offer great benefits to the business.

With industry-experience spanning more than 2 decades, ITCube has garnered a reputation for being one of the best offshore software and product development companies, having a clientele spread globally. In this blog, we highlight the different factors that one should consider when evaluating the benefits of outsourced product development.

Values and Vision

Not all outsourced IT partners are going to be the right fit for your company and your product. It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to establish a partnership with a business that understands your goals, appreciates your company culture, and comprehends the role they are to play in your product development. Being able to communicate effectively is essential, especially since you will not be sharing office space while going through the development process. You could be working with a provider that’s literally on the other side of the planet. Being able to translate vision and concept into a functional, final result is key, and that requires good communication which is especially true when it comes to Intranet portal software development which requires the IT partner to really understand the business needs!

Domain & Technology Expertise

Communication isn’t the only consideration. You’ll also want to look for a company that has a successful track record of working with businesses similar to yours and in your industry. Trying to teach your development partner about your company is one thing, but trying to teach them about an entire industry is something altogether different. You’ll need a technology partner that knows and understands the work you do, so you can get on the same page as quickly and easily as possible. When you opt for a IT partner, you expand the technology expertise at your disposal and take advantage of ux design services within the product deployment timeline. The less time you have to spend hand-holding, the more hours you can spend on achieving business goals.


There is no doubt that for any business today, time is of utmost importance! Decision makers of the companies are constantly in pursuit of enhanced productivity and optimizing the development to fasten the time-to-market of their digital products. When you partner with a reputed custom software development company such as ITCube, you get to leverage the cumulative experience of a technology experts thereby fast tracking the development process.

Everyone likes to talk about the money saved. Yes, dollar-for-dollar you’ll get more talent, more extensive skill sets, and more hours put toward developing your product by partnering with IT firm. However, you’ll also save a lot of time for your own people while keeping them busy on essential tasks. Whether you outsource virtually the entirety of the development or just particular aspects, you can make more progress on your own projects and customers. You won’t need to shuffle around your personnel and potentially lose valuable work along the way. With offshore product co-development, you can save time and money while still maintaining ultimate control over what is being developed and how the work is to be done.

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