Dynamics 365 Business Central, Where Technology Leads Productivity

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Microsoft has invested heavily in developing software and applications that integrate futuristic technologies. The corporate world is shifting gradually from human intelligence to machine intelligence. At such a crucial juncture, businesses need to adapt to the applications that come with futuristic technologies. Many Microsoft Dynamics tools have undergone upgrades recently. Along with them, Microsoft has also launched the advanced enterprise resource planning system, known as the Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Dynamics 365 Business Central is a cloud-based platform that renders powerful business intelligence solutions. The software aids small enterprises, which often struggle with decision-making due to a lack of insight, experience, and technological support. A small-scale business can make the decision-making process more accurate and well-organized using Business Central. So, how can this software render better productivity to your business? Find the answer in the following section.

A Cloud Platform

According to industry research, around 93% of businesses have switched to cloud-based data management. Dynamics 365 Business Central is a cloud-native solution. You can store all crucial business on the cloud while using this software. Nevertheless, it gives easy access to the users for being a cloud-based solution. Users can access it anytime through desktop, laptop, and other devices. Smartphone users can find the iOS and Android applications to access the tool through their handheld devices. Thus, it gives more control to the business owners to boost productivity.

Availability of the Mobile Application

According to a study conducted by Samsung and Frost & Sullivan, employees consider mobile applications an integral part of their jobs. Businesses must facilitate it to the employees to increase engagement and productivity. The same study has observed that mobile applications for managing business tasks can potentially increase the productivity of a business by 34%.

Business Central comes with mobile applications for this reason. Using this enterprise resource planning tool through handheld devices can improve communication between the employees. Nevertheless, it will eventually fetch a sharp hike in productivity. During the Covid-19 pandemic, most businesses have asked employees to work from home. In such a scenario, the mobile application version of Business Central will keep the employees engaged in their jobs.

Advanced Dimensions

One of the major highlights of the Microsoft Business Central platform is the availability of advanced dimensions. The dimensions refer to the values and attributes which have been used for the categorization of the entries. Business managers and decision-makers can track and analyze data better due to the presence of such Microsoft Dynamics Solutions categorization.

What Makes Business Central Unique?

  • Through Business Central, Microsoft brings advanced artificial intelligence technology in managing business operations. AI bots can store, track, and analyze data to show predictions and trends. Business owners can make decisions depending on advanced data analytics to improve productivity.
  • Business Central comes with detailed and advanced sales insights. You can understand buyers’ preferences through sales insights. Depending on the data buyers’ preferences, businesses can change the product or service to enhance profitability and brand reputation.
  • Business Central can collect and analyze data to understand consumer experiences. A good experience improves the retention rate for businesses. On the other hand, bad experiences lead to a loss of a loyal customer.

So, these are some unique Business Central features that lead your business to higher profitability and productivity. The advanced features of this tool are exclusively developed to serve the requirements of small enterprises. However, it is equally productive for large enterprises.

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