How Can An Intranet Help Retailers With Employees, Customers, And Competition?

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The increasing competition in the retailing industry is like a blessing and curse for the retailers. This competition is rapidly increasing because retailers are using different methods to grab the consumers’ attention. The silo effect has a strong presence in the retailing sector because there is no quality connection between the employees, staff members, suppliers, and consumers.

Thanks to the intranet because this is now the weapon for retailers to promote teamwork in the community. So without further ado, let’s understand how the intranet is beneficial for the retailers.

Evaluating Real-Time Statistics

See the sales department should be very clear about the workload and here comes the intranet in the picture. The employees undoubtedly know how much work they need to do every day.

However, they are adhering to the deadlines but don’t know about their daily performance. They don’t have much time to login into the employee’s portal and evaluate the daily performance. Sometimes, the performance records aren’t even updated by the HR department.

The intranet gives a mobile-friendly platform that is handy and easy to use. It becomes easier for the employees to check their performance records. Plus, they can compare their current performance with the previous months or quarters.

Promoting Sharing Of The Resources

Retail is one such sector where every department knows what has to be done, and they are only concerned about the deadlines. There are hardly any collaborations between the employees and managers of different departments.

There are no inputs given from one department to another. Using highly advanced and reliable, the collaboration between the departments increases. The resources are shared in the departments for the company’s growth.

In other words, the silos are broken down, and sharing of the resources is encouraged. When there is teamwork between the departments, the result is top-notch customer support.

Better Retention Rates

When the turnover of the employees is higher, this thing can impact your business negatively. It’s the right time when you should make your retail business stand out of the crowd by using the intranet. With this technology, you can motivate teamwork, train your employees, and reward deserving candidates.

As you also get to see the employees’ performance records, it becomes easier to retain the deserving employees. You can recognize the hidden talents and support them through sharing their stories on your social media platforms and the official website. It would help if you even rewarded the right candidates through appraisals or monthly awards. By doing this, you’ll experience better retention rates.

Unmatchable Customer Support

When it comes to customer support, your ultimate goal is to solve the consumers’ queries within minutes. However, due to lack of resources and less use of technology, you don’t give your best in terms of customer service.

But, when all the employees think of resolving the consumers’ queries immediately, your company will become unbeatable in the market. The employees can manage issues regarding late deliveries, poor goods, and returned goods.

Now you might be wondering how an intranet will streamline the entire procedure. See, intranet gives you a mobile-friendly platform where there is no need of touching the computers constantly.

Using this platform, the employees can scan the queries and reach out to the relevant person/department through forums. Using a highly advanced intranet makes handling the consumers’ queries easier, faster, and hassle-free.

Final Thoughts

So now you can understand how the intranet is helping the retailers in this competitive sector. Find any reputed intranet that many large and small organizations already use. Don’t think of cost-cutting because the better and reliable your intranet is; you can leverage the benefits mentioned above.

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