Impact Of ITLytics On Logistics & Supply Chain Industry

logistics-analytics-at-itcube Image

Technology has vastly influenced every domain including the logistics and supply chain industry. Until recently, the sector was lagging due to old machines and manual processes but today connected devices have enabled the organizations to collect valuable data from different sources. Decision-makers have realized the power that the data holds and thus analyzing the data to accurately identify operational stop-gaps and predict future trends has gained vast importance.

A recent survey revealed that over 90% of the business owners feel that analyzing data is going to be a critical success factor going forward. Key stakeholders in Logistics and supply chain businesses are heavily investing in implementing infrastructure to enable business data analytics. ITLytics is an industry-proven data visualization platform that aims to empower organizations in the logistics and supply chain domain.

As much as 93% of shippers and 98% of third-party logistics companies believe that data analytics is critical to gain a competitive advantage in the upcoming decade. Knowing how to make sense of and analyze this data is the key to unlocking the hidden insights. Our data analytics software – ITLytics solves the challenge of integrating data from multiple sources and draw valuable insights. With pre-designed templates, any user can generate meaningful reports that can be analyzed to enable effective data-driven business growth.

ITLytics Flyer Customers from the logistics and supply chain industry are using ITLytics to innovate and optimize key performance indicators such as On-time pickups, Inventory Accuracy, Shipment cycles. With a dynamic data visualization platform like ITLytics, you can make informed decisions based on KPIs such as:
  • Truck Turnaround Rate
  • Shipping & Delivery Time
  • Warehousing Costs
  • Number of Shipments
  • Inventory Turnover
  • Transportation Cost
  • Inventory to Sales Ratio
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