SharePoint Intranet: Comprehensive Benefits For A Connected Organization

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The intranet has evolved profoundly from a simple platform with restricted capabilities to a comprehensive digital workplace solution. New-age intranet enables superior communication, increased collaboration, employee engagement, and more. And, while planning for an advanced Intranet portal software for your organization, you require a solution that is user-friendly, intuitive and has an ability to seamlessly integrate with your current systems.

Since its inception, SharePoint has been at the forefront of documentation and collaboration, thus, revolutionizing business operations. Owing to its advanced configuration, it streamlines workflows, ensures effortless content management, and promotes team unity. It boasts of a more polished user interface, superior performance, and reduced reliance on development teams. By utilizing SharePoint as an intranet, employees can easily collaborate as a team, fostering team cohesiveness and employee engagement.

As a result, SharePoint Intranet solutions have gained immense popularity in the current era. As per a survey, over 75% of the intranet is built on SharePoint in the last 5 years. So, in this post, we will speculate on the reason behind this popularity, i.e. the prominent benefits of SharePoint Intranet solutions for a connected organization. Let’s get started.

Remarkable Benefits of SharePoint Intranet Solutions

  1. Cloud-Based Centralized Access To Information

    One of the most significant advantages of a SharePoint online is that it’s based on the cloud. So, your data is accessible from any location and at any time through a web browser, and the cloud ensures minimal risk of data damage or loss. It is a convenient tool that works seamlessly across various operating systems and devices. The built-in search tool further simplifies the process of locating files and documents, enabling employees to work efficiently and save time.

  2. Seamless Integration With Office 365 And Other Tools

    As an integral component of the Office 365 suite, the SharePoint ecosystem provides a range of built-in features and functionalities, such as Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, Planner, and more, that can be integrated with Microsoft's automation and AI abilities. This integration allows for enhanced business processes (with the usage of Power Automate) and reporting (with the usage of Power BI) within the intranet. Ultimately, such a close connection between the Office 365 suite and the intranet ensures a superior digital workplace experience.

  3. Excellent Management Of Documents

    The success of an organization is quite dependent on gathering, storing, and distributing of knowledge and documents i.e. effective document management. SharePoint corporate intranet offers robust document and library capabilities that enable businesses to achieve this goal. SharePoint libraries can be effortlessly integrated into your intranet, ensuring easy access to documents. These capabilities extend beyond just the document lifecycle and include check-in/check-out features, version history, etc. You can easily edit or co-author documents without dealing with the inconvenience of email trails.

  4. Customization and Content Targeting

    Personalization capabilities play a significant role when it comes to the intranet. By using SharePoint as an intranet, you can personalize your digital workspace and integrate it easily with Active Directory profiles. With a new-age intranet, you can target content to different groups based on location, division, seniority level, function, etc. Thus, customized content can be placed together. Additionally, the SharePoint intranet enables users to subscribe to various topics of their interest.

  5. Reduced Meeting Time

    SharePoint Intranet Software comes with online discussion boards like Yammer, where employees from different teams and departments can discuss projects and business-related matters in real time. This reduces the time as compared to in-person meetings. Besides, anything discussed can be easily documented and stored for future reference.

Concluding Lines

We have seen several advantages of SharePoint Intranet solutions in detail in this post. SharePoint always brings in advanced features, new upgrades, powerful tools, and superb functionalities, to make itself one of the best choices for several organizations.

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