Transform Your Digital Workplace Culture Through Employee Engagement

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Employee engagement in your company can have a significant impact on your bottom line. Engaged employees are 17% more productive, and that increased productivity can have some serious consequences, such as improvement in your sales figures and fewer sick days taken by employees! If you want to improve employee engagement in your digital workplace, consider implementing one of these five engaging ideas today.

Be Memorable With An Engaging Hashtag Or Meme

By employing an engaging hashtag or meme, you instantly grab user attention and keep it. It’s a great way to boost engagement and interaction among your followers on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Google Plus.

Think of them as attention-grabbing mini headlines that can be paired with either text or video content to enhance engagement opportunities. You don’t have to make them up. There are plenty of trending hashtags on social media already floating around out there waiting for you to use.

Encourage Collaboration By Using Social Media To Advertise Internal Contests And Competitions

Getting employees to work together as a team is not easy. While social media might be an area of concern for businesses worried about maintaining professionalism, it can be used to encourage internal competition and collaboration. Encourage employees to share content they created by offering raffle tickets or even cash prizes in exchange for engaging with your brand on Twitter or Facebook.

Reward Loyal Customers And Foster A Sense Of Community In Your Office Through Social Media

Acknowledge and appreciate your regular visitors on social media. If they’re following your company’s social accounts, then they likely have a vested interest in what you’re up to. Why not encourage them to share photos of your store with their friends? They can tag you in their posts or share a snapshot of something they purchased in-store and use relevant hashtags so that other potential customers browsing these platforms will catch wind of your store.

Be Open About Company Culture

The first step to attracting and retaining top talent is creating a culture that people want to be a part of. One way to do that is to encourage transparency throughout your company. Encourage open discussions about company culture.

Make sure employees feel comfortable expressing their opinions and thoughts, especially if they don’t align with what others are saying. It promotes honest dialogue and furthering innovation within your organization. Having an open-door policy allows for these conversations to happen naturally and easily.

Create a Daily Question

If you want to get your employees thinking about their work and communicating more often, it’s good to schedule something that they need to think about daily. A great way to do that is by creating a daily question for them. By setting aside a few minutes each day, you’ll be encouraging participation and better collaboration. If you want something more involved, create a game or fun interaction around it for additional engagement. The possibilities are endless!

Share Your Employees’ Stories

What are your employees really like? Do they have hobbies and passions outside of work? If so, make it a priority to document these details and share them with your customers through social media. Share images of your employees’ families, pets, or travels to humanize and connect on a deeper level with your audience. In doing so, you’ll build trust by showing off the human faces of your company instead of just logos and ads.

Embrace Community

Embracing a strong sense of community at work motivates employees to participate in co-curricular activities that bring them together as a team and spurs creativity and boosts morale. In addition, workplace communities have been proven to provide significant health benefits that can improve productivity. If you want your employees to start engaging more with their work culture, make it an environment where they can easily mingle with one another—regardless of their level of function.

Final Lines

In short, you don’t have to be a programmer to be an effective digital workplace innovator. While it certainly helps to understand how things work behind the scenes, it’s just as important to remain transparent with your team. Communication is key when building a digital workplace culture and fostering engaging company culture.

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