What’s New In SharePoint Server 2019?

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Key points in implementation of SharePoint 2019


In this blog post I will be covering all the key features, new additions, deprecations and removal of old features in SharePoint 2019. In short this blog will give you a nice overview of SharePoint 2019, so let’s gets started.

[Disclaimer: All features and contents discussed in this blog are subjected to change in future as this blog is written on the preview version of SharePoint Server 2019]

SharePoint 2019 Server Overview

Considering demand of Microsoft SharePoint on-premises version from different customers, new release of SharePoint 2019 is also targeted to on-premises. Microsoft SharePoint server 2019 is built on the foundational release of Microsoft SharePoint 2016. This new release has been targeted to Brings customers closer to the cloud and the cloud, closer to our customers. Similar to SharePoint 2016, most of the features were cherry picked from Office 365 and implemented in SharePoint 2019.

The key point about implementation of SharePoint 2019 is Converged Code, it means that the codebase used for SharePoint online feature implementation and SharePoint 2019 On-prim editions are one and same. So, henceforth any new feature addition in SharePoint online will be immediately available for SharePoint on-prim version as well, this was not the case in the past releases of SharePoint versions and hence it was taking more time to launch/release any new feature in on-prim

Hardware Requirements

Hardware requirements for SharePoint server 2019 are similar to that of SharePoint 2016 server and there is no change as such. (more details can be found at – https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sharepoint/install/hardware-and-software-requirements-2019). Good news is that SharePoint 2019 supports for Minrole + Stretched Farm Architecture.

Minimum Databases and Operating Systems required for SharePoint 2019 are as below

Database Server

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2016 RTM
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2017 RTM for Windows
  • No support for SQL server Express edition (so it means no more support for SharePoint foundation)

Operating System

  • Windows Server 2016 Standard or Datacenter
  • Windows Server 2019 Standard or Datacenter

Different Version of SharePoint server 2019

Similar to that of SharePoint 2016, there is no more a SharePoint foundation 2019. Below are the different versions available for SharePoint 2019

  • SharePoint 2019 Standard
  • SharePoint 2019 Enterprise
  • SharePoint 2019 Enterprise + Project Server

New / Improved features in SharePoint 2019

Now let’s discuss the important section of blog, i.e. what’s new / improved in SharePoint 2019

File Handlings

  • Now end users will be able to preview PDF documents in the portal itself without installing Office online server


  • SharePoint server 2019 Minrole Includes all the different roles available from SharePoint 2016 feature pack 1, please see below list
    • Front-End Server Role
    • Application Server Role
    • Distributed cache server role
    • Search Server Role
    • Custom Role
    • Single server farm Role
    • Shared Roles as below
      • Front-end with Distributed cache
      • Application Server Role with Search Server


  • file path length limit has been increased from 260 to 400 char.
  • SharePoint 2019 supports Additional special characters in file names I.e. # and % for naming of files and folders
  • Max File size upload has been increased from 10 to 15 GB

New Lists / Sites

  • Newly added Communication sites template
  • Support for Modern list and Libraries
  • Modern site pages, Modern web parts and authoring (Modern sites are site based on modern technologies with new look and feel and are supports Microsoft vision of Mobile First development)
  • Modern team sites support
  • New and Improved SharePoint home page – From the SharePoint home page, you can create sites in different web applications. Self-service site creation on the SharePoint home page now supports AlterNet Access Mappings (AAM) zones. This new home page gathers most relevant sites in one place

PowerApp and Flow integration

  • SharePoint connector for PowerApp and Flow are available with SharePoint 2019
  • SharePoint Workflow Manager ver1.0 is to support existing SharePoint 2013 workflows
  • To make use of PowerApp and Flow you will requires on-premises gateways configured

SharePoint 2019 Supports new development based on for SharePoint Framework(SPFx)

Supported Hybrid Features in SharePoint server 2019

  • Hybrid Sites
  • Hybrid Follow
  • Hybrid User Profiles
  • Hybrid OneDrive for Business
  • Cloud Hybrid Search
  • Hybrid Taxonomy and Content Types
  • Extensible Hybrid app launcher

Other new Features

  • Modern file / site Sharing experience for end users
  • Modern Search experience
  • SharePoint 2019 uses modern Internet Information Services (IIS) APIs [IIS 7 + APIs]
  • SMTP authentication while sending email from SharePoint
  • New PowerShell cmdlets for User Profile Sync, Content Database & SharePoint Application’s
  • New SharePoint health analyzer rules has been added for better maintenance of the farm
  • Distributed Cache will now configure App-Fabric Velocity Cache to use background garbage collection.
  • Recycle Bin restore improvements – User with File Add / Update permission will also be able to restore from recycle bin
  • Supports new OneDrive/SharePoint mobile app, same mobile app supports both SharePoint online and SharePoint on-premises sites.

Deprecated and Removed from SharePoint 2019

Access Service 2010 / 2013 Machine Translation service Digest Authentication
Aggregated newsfeeds Performance Point service Incoming email automatic mode
Custom help SharePoint designer Multi-Tenancy
Groove Sync client Site Mailbox PowerPivot Gallery and Refresh
InfoPath services Site Manager Visio services – Silverlight based rendering
Lists web services Code based sandbox Solutions  


As you can see Microsoft has introduced great set of features in on-prim release of SharePoint 2019 which is expected to be available for General public (i.e. RTM release) in October 2019. At the same time, source code used for SharePoint 2016 was the SharePoint online source code, which in turn based on SharePoint 2013 source code, indicates SharePoint 2016 is stable and same is applicable for SharePoint 2019. I would like to end this blog with two statements i.e. SharePoint is not only to dump your documents rather it’s to make wonders and keep SharePointing always.

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